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Essential Oils for Immune System Health

Impact Hub - 394 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013

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Cost is $5.

It is especially important to be mindful of our immune system during transitional times of the year, for instance, the beginning of a new school year when exposure to environmental threats increases. Many lifestyle factors can also weaken our immune system, including stress, lack of sleep, exposure to toxicity, and poor nutrition. Managing each of these areas and adopting a model of consistency that actively supports the immune system is an excellent way to maintain health throughout the year. All attendees will get a free sample to take home for their personal use. 

More than ever, self care is key. We live in a fast-paced, demanding world that we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by. The best way to combat fatigue, overwhelm and feeling fried is by practicing self care.

One of the key to self-care is triggering the relaxation response in your system. Triggering the relaxation response has many health benefits, including healthy cortisol levels, decreased heart rate, improved digestion and normalized blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils is one of the fastest and most portable ways to exercise self-care on a daily basis.

Lead by wellness advocates and professional healers Mauro Clerici and Anna Brooke, you are invited to a customized series of free classes to learn about essential oils and how they can support your self care practice. Over the course of eight classes, the focus on self care will be broken into different areas from skin and hair health to how to replace toxic house cleaning products with all natural modd-enhancing ones. Everyone is welcome to each class - no prior experience is required!

Any questions, please be in touch!