Anna Brooke, photo by Stephanie Stanton

Anna Brooke, photo by Stephanie Stanton



We are all here to heal. So often, we are told “everything you need is already inside of you.” Although that is true, it can feel challenging to accept at times.

How can we grow if we have never been shown that we are worthy of growth and evolution? How can we change and move on if we have never made peace with grief or uncomfortable feelings? How can we dance and celebrate this profound gift of life if we hold the thought that life is hard and love is conditional?

The answers do lie within each of us, but we need tools, education and experiences using them to create a powerful framework of support, nurturing and healing so that we can show up in our own lives animated by the joy of our meaning, value and purpose.

Anna Brooke is an interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner. She is a Wu Tao Dance teacher, Reiki Master, Rebirthing Breathworker, Empowerment Counselor, Essential Oil Advocate and Burlesque Performer and Teacher. Her purpose is to help people reconnect to their own hearts in safety and love. By using breath, sound and movement, Anna helps you to uncover what really matters - you - to help you begin the life you have always wanted to lead.

Private and group sessions available in Brooklyn, NY and Great Barrington, MA.


About Anna Brooke

Anna Brooke, photo by Francine Daveta

Anna Brooke, photo by Francine Daveta

I help people along their healing path by supporting the reestablishment of their connection to their own highest good. Through the practices of deep self love, breath, movement and conscious choice, I create safe spaces of compassion that foster self-acceptance, self awareness, and most importantly love. I believe we are each whole and complete with sacred opportunities for growth and self reclamation in every moment. It is my intention to support the blossoming, growth and unfoldment of the conscious self within each one of us, one step at a time.

Born and mostly raised in New York City, Anna began her path as a lover of art and dance, obtaining her BA and MA in Art History and Contemporary Art.  Having let her formal art training go, Anna has been a full time healing arts practitioner since 2010.

Anna has been a practicing rebirthing breathworker since 2010 after completing her  training through the New York and Philadelphia Rebirthing Center. In 2012, she co-founded Brooklyn Breathwork, a community-based rebirthing breathwork group that offered monthly group breathes along with diverse opportunities for healing through her own work and guest teachers. The regular group offerings completed in August 2017 but she continues to see private clients.

Anna became the first certified and licensed Wu Tao Dance instructor in the US in 2012 and has been teaching Wu Tao Dance ever since at yoga studios, wellness centers and senior centers alike. To learn more about Wu Tao Dance, please click here.

She has worked with Ron Baker of Children of Light & Empowered At Last since 2010 and completed Reiki Light Ascension training with him, becoming a Reiki Master in 2015.

Anna is also a distributor and passionate wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. As someone who is highly sensitive to synthetic chemicals, the oils have brought her a deep sense of physical and emotional support and peace, and she loves sharing them with everyone! To learn more about these amazing oils, please click here.

Anna splits her time between Brooklyn and Western Massachusetts. If you would like to learn more about Anna or to set up an appointment with her, please click here to be whisked away!