Know that all action begins with YOU and if you are reading this page, I acknowledge your curiosity and intention to heal! To find out if breathwork is right for you, or to schedule your first sessions, please click here to contact Anna.

Rebirthing Breathwork, also commonly referred to as rebirthing or conscious connected breathing, is an acceleration of the healing process through an exploration and practice of the sustained, circular breath. Bypassing the mind entirely, the rebirthing breath goes deep into your cells, saturating the body with both oxygen and life force, and helps to release any negative self-thought, perceived limitations, past trauma or any uncomfortable feelings that are held in the body. It is a truly transformational modality that helps the breather recognize their union with their higher self and all of life with peace and absolute love.

Most people benefit by beginning with private sessions and it is recommended to start your breathwork journey this way. In the safe and confidential environment of a private session, the client can safely explore their past history and negative self belief without judgement and supported fully with a mutual intention to heal. If you are committed to fully engage with the healing power of this profound modality, it is recommended to do ten sessions with a woman and ten session with a man. It all begins with a single session and you are encouraged to take the step towards healing as soon as you feel comfortable to do so!

Group breathes are of wonderful benefit for anyone wanting to continue their breathwork journey with an intentional group and at a lower price point. To find out if a group breathe is currently scheduled, please click here.

Brooklyn Breathwork, a group breathe-based conscious community was started by Anna Brooke in January 2012 with the intention of creating a healing space for people to connect to themselves in truth, simplicity and love. Each group breathe offered an opportunity to connect with your breath and your intentions in an experiential way. Each gathering was slightly different - sometimes there was a theme, other times no theme at all, and sometimes the gatherings had guest practitioners whose work compliments the breathwork in innovative and wonderful ways. No two breathes are the same and I invite you to come experience your highest good in grace and ease. Novices and experienced breathers and everyone in between is welcome! 

The monthly Brooklyn Breathwork group breathes came to a close in August 2017, but remote and pop-up group breathes happen regularly. To see if any special breathwork-based events are scheduled, please click here to find out.

If you are interested in booking a private session or learning more about breathwork, please contact Anna by clicking here.