Links and Resources

Wu Tao Dance International

Wu Tao founder and creator Michelle Locke's website - read all about the history and practice of Wu Tao and browse the selection of music downloads, books, and DVDs to keep up your Wu Tao practice at home. You can also see how far and wide Wu Tao is offered in the world!

Makko Ho Stretches

We begin every Wu Tao class with the Makko Ho stretches that were developed by Zen Shiatsu master Shizuto Masunaga. You can try them in the comfort of your own home by watching the Makko Ho video in our video gallery or by reading this article Anna wrote for, an online hub for all things wellbeing.

Video Gallery

Please visit the videos below that explain and illustrate Wu Tao featuring Wu Tao founder Michelle Locke and Wu Tao NYC's Anna Brooke.

Become a Wu Tao Dance teacher!

If you are interested in taking the training course in preparation for the intensive, please click here to get started! You'll be whisked away to the main Wu Tao website where you can peruse the different courses on offer and register to begin your Wu Tao Dance training. There is a home study element in addition to in-person training with Wu Tao Dance creator and founder Michelle Locke either in New York, Australia or Bali.