Wu Tao Dance for Limited Mobility

Wu Tao is suitable for all ages and abilities and is being used in aged care facilities in both the USA and Australia to enhance health and well-being for older people.  It has been shown to be of particular benefit to people suffering from dementia. Two recent studies have shown Wu Tao dementia therapy to be successful in reducing agitation symptoms and improving quality of life for some people. 

Wu Tao Dance opens neuro-pathways to and from the brain, influencing growth and development through all stages of life.  It has been shown to be of particular benefit to the older population. The integration of movement, music and creative visualization techniques provide a potent vehicle for self-expression, insight, and behavioral change in a fun and supportive environment.  Wu Tao dementia therapy can be an effective treatment for people with psychological, social, developmental, neurological, and physical challenges.

Wu Tao founder Michelle Locke developed a special course of dance for patients diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases. Called Stretch & Relax, it is a simple and easily modifiable flow that can be done either sitting down or standing up. If you would like to read more about Michelle's Dementia Therapy, please click here. You can also watch the video below of a news broadcast in Australia that featured Michelle and her Wu Tao for dementia work.

Please visit the calendar to see the schedule of limited mobility classes on offer. In the warmer months, regular outdoor classes happen on the Upper West Side, close to West 100th St and Central Park West. Please contact us for schedule and location details. Group or private classes can easily be arranged by contacting Anna here.