Wu Tao Dance


Wu Tao Dance is a powerful dance, exercise and meditation program that balances your vital life energy, or Qi, using originally composed music and flowing, easy dance movements. Wu Tao Dance restores your balance and health physically, emotionally and spiritually. Perfect for all ages, Wu Tao Dance will leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful and ready to flow anew within your life.

Wu Tao has its foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has five core dances, one for each of the elements in TCM. Working with the meridians, or energy channels in the body, Wu Tao's gentle yet effective choreographed dances free up any stagnant or blocked Qi by stretching and activating the specific meridians associated with each element. Each dance gives the dancer sequential opportunities to release any blockages and reclaim a sense of deep calm and peace.

Wu Tao Dance was created by Michelle Locke in 2001 in her native Perth, Australia.  A professional ballerina with the Western Australia Ballet Company, Michelle suffered a back injury and was forced into early retirement. After leaving the ballet company, Michelle embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery that led her to study Shiatsu, a Japanese form of massage. Michelle later founded the Shiatsu School of WA. In 2000, after her second daughter Isabelle became seriously ill and was later diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, Michelle began her research into how to use dance for healing. Blending her love of dance and extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Michelle created Wu Tao as dance medicine that heals the body, mind and spirit by bringing all parts of our being into harmony.

Anna Brooke is the first person to be licensed and certified to teach Wu Tao in the USA. She is proud to have taught Wu Tao Dance at Shambhala Yoga & Dance (Brooklyn, NY), The New York Open Center (NYC), SAGE Centers for LGBT seniors in Manhattan and the Bronx, St. Louis Senior Center in Brooklyn, NY, a chapter of the Catholic Charities of NYC, Mind Body Soul Yoga (NYC), The Center, Life in Balance (Medford, NJ), Sruti Yoga (Great Barrington, MA) and with Your Beautiful Child (NYC).

If you are interested in bringing Wu Tao to a studio or center near you, please be in touch! Click here to see when the next Wu Tao classes will be happening.


Wu Tao is the way to restore peace, balance and beauty to ourselves and the world. 

When we dance Wu Tao, we embody the very qualities inherent in our true nature. 

We become One with the healing life force energy, becoming the change, transformation and growth we seek. 

- Michelle Locke, creator of Wu Tao Dance