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Wu Tao Dance: Spring Detox

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Spring is the season of emerging, of shedding old skins and bursting forth with growth and vision. Spring cleaning, spring cleanses - there is a theme intrinsically connected to this beautiful season. But what if you're feeling sluggish, stuck or bogged down by old emotions or the past? Sometimes one change or modification isn't enough to affect your overall health and wellbeing. This class is designed to introduce you to two powerful ways to clean out your body and your life - Wu Tao Dance and doTERRA essential oils!

Wu Tao Dance is a powerful dance medicine form that helps move stagnant qi, or vital life force through the body with flowing dance movements. There are five core dances in Wu Tao, one for each of the elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will be dancing the Wood Dance, the third core Wu Tao Dance that helps to balance the Liver and Gall Bladder qi. This detoxifying dance will help clear any stagnant energy in your body and help you see your personal vision and path more clearly - and it's fun too!

doTERRA essential oils are the top essential oil used in hospitals. Their unmatched purity helps us tap into the cleanest essences that nature holds. Whether you are looking for healthy liver support or easy ways to cleanse and support your body as it moves through changes, these oils are a powerful ally in the healing process. We will be focusing on the oils that promote feelings of forgiveness and release and how they can help us move through uncomfortable emotions so we can live full, connected lives.