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How Can I Help? Anti-Racism as Practice (part 1/3)

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In this time of unprecedented political and social challenges, there are consistent and increasingly louder calls for healing and change that challenge the systemic racism and cloistered privilege that are inherent to our national history. But how do we begin to dismantle these systems of oppression when so many of us benefit from them both consciously and unconsciously? This three-part workshop is designed to examine and create solutions for healing specifically for non-POC allies and accomplices and anyone who wants to play a part in the re-education of our communities and nation.

Whereas hate is being empowered by the highest levels of government, we offer an empowerment of love in a space where non-POC/white folks are safe to examine their own inherent biases and privilege in a space of non-judgement. Topics covered include implicit bias, light-skinned privilege, strategies to become an accomplice of change and equality and more.

This three-part workshop will meet on three consecutive Tuesday nights in May - May 15, May 22 and May 29 - from 6:30-8:30pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to creating and holding a space of learning, growth and clarity as we create deeper intentions to move forward in empowerment and equality.