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Online Healing with Lynda Henn

"It is sometimes challenging to describe what exactly happens when you have a session with Lynda. I felt as if every cell in my body and every thought in my head were being scrubbed clean in the most non-intrusive and deep way. All I had to do was lie there and receive. That was it! I can only explain it as if a higher power had come into the room, cleaned me out of whatever it needed to, and left me in peace to integrate the huge shifts that it had put into motion. I felt lighter, clearer and slept like a rock afterwards. Any time I can have a healing with Lynda, I will!"

Join us for a profound and gentle online healing with Lynda Henn. Part remote healing, part staycation, these sessions meet you where you are and take care of cleaning out whatever is ready to be let go of in your life. 

Pre-registration is required and you will receive the webinar login information upon payment. Please note that the healings take place over Zoom, a free app and website that costs you nothing to download and access.

To register via eventbrite, please click here.

Everyone can be a part of these healings no matter your location, time of day or belief system. 

Any questions, please email Anna at or ask Lynda directly at