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Energy Healing and Essential Oils

580 Broadway (just north of Prince Street)

Room 510 (5th floor)

Energy healing is the conscious use of breath, sound, movement, and focused intention to promote subtle, mental, and emotional well-being.Led by two Reiki masters, the healer and breathworker Anna Brooke and the transformational author/editor Stephanie Gunning, this class will show how pure therapeutic-grade essential oils--volatile aromatic compounds distilled from different parts of plants (leaves, petals, stems, roots, berries, bark, and so on)--can be combined with other simple techniques to support wellness on a daily basis.No prior experience is necessary to attend this class.Your hands can emit life force energy (chi) that is balancing and restorative/replenishing to areas where it is directed. Right away, everyone is capable of offering nurturing energy through peaceful intention. We will show you how to do a simple process to amplify the energy in your hands and to give yourself and another a super simple treatment.

The power that heals is familiar to everyone in humanity: We call it LOVE.

During this class, we shall SAMPLE essential oils for the sake of experimenting with how they affect our subtle energy.

  • Do they stimulate us or soothe us?
  • Do they heighten our senses?
  • Do we feel more connected and in touch with our intuition in the presence of the aromas of these plants?
  • What is the vibratory outcome?

Come in from the heat! Learn a little bit more about your mind, moods, and bioenergetic field while enjoying a fun and relaxing experience with a small group of heart-centered and openminded people on a summer's evening.

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