It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

It's a new month and a new day - September 6, 2018! Life back in full swing after the lazy, languid days of summer and in the spirit of new beginnings, I have an announcement to make.

Happy reBirthday to ME! Twelve years ago, Legs Malone was born upon the stage of the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club in London. My mind is boggled as I look back over these last 12 years and think about where I've been, who I've met and what I've done. I wouldn't trade my burlesque career for anything and I am deeply grateful to everyone that has supported, cheered me on and loved me over these years.

Now comes the biggest reveal of my life thus far...

For the last 12 years (as of today!), I have been a burlesque performer, producer, teacher and advocate. Behind the scenes, I've been working diligently not only to heal but to help others do the same. If you have come to any of my classes, you will know how hugely passionate I am about helping people retrieve their own sense of beauty, worthiness and immense love-ability. I was always so fearful about "crossing the streams" but something happened and that fear fell away and became an impatience, a drive to share what was going on inside of me that I no longer wanted to limit to a single definition.

So, without further ado, here I am and here is my new, all-inclusive logo:


If you want to learn burlesque, please be in touch. It would be an honor to share this inspiring and beautiful art form with you. If you'd like to visit my burlesque website, you can click on the word "burlesque" in the drop down menu above under "work with me" or just go straight to

You'll see on my calendar more of those classes popping up, and if they are of interest to you, please be in touch.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and full evening and here's to telling out truth as fast as we can, all things considered <3