A powerful message from my teacher Ron Baker

As I write this, Hurricane Irma is making her destructive way up into Georgia and Tennessee. I pray for everyone to stay safe and well out of harm's way in this monumental storm.

My incredible teacher Ron Baker wrote a moving email followed by a longer blog post last week and I felt moved to share it here. This storm is not the last we'll see, and I deeply appreciate Ron's wisdom and insight into the teaching this storm holds. To learn more about Ron, please visit his website here.

May all beings be safe and happy, Anna

As this second (of four potential) hurricanes crosses into the United States, let's send out energy and prayers that each one is protected and that it all unfolds according to the highest good.

We all have personal challenges and sometimes we share collective challenges. We all need support... and need to become proactive in the support of others to lead truly evolved lives of value, meaning and purpose.

The eclipse that went across the US in August brought up lots of energy... to a country that is already shaken up emotionally from the choices we have set up for ourselves, just in the government alone.

It is a time of heightened feelings and the emotional body is stirred up. On a soul level, it is not random that we are now seeing these emotional energies reflected in these storms.

We do play a part in the collective accumulation of energy that is being put out...

And this is what is transpiring for now.

Not good. Not bad. Simply the energetic response to the whole.

So let's send energy of love and healing, to play a proactive part in the resonance of healing and peace...

Let's act in ways in our lives that support healing and peace, in how we treat one another.

These are some of the opportunities of this time.

To read Ron's longer blog post on this same topic, please click here.