September is upon us!!

Greetings, friends! I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying wherever you are in time and space. 

September is a huge month, kicking off with a new moon on the first of the month (hello, new beginnings!) and ripe with a full moon lunar eclipse mid-month. Key words here are transformation and to quote The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Don't dream it - be it!

I am thrilled to be offering a slew of classes and workshops all month long. You can visit my calendar to read up on the most recent updates and offerings but here are a few classes of note!

Brooklyn Breathwork: TWO breathes in September!

Join us for two separate breathes, the first on Sunday, September 4th and the second on Sunday, September 18th. The first breathe will be dedicated to transformation and self-exploration. The second breathe will have Mauro Clerici, a guest healer and colorpuncturist working alongside yours truly. All breathes happen at Central Arts and Recording in Bushwick, run 3:30-6pm and cost $25. RSVP to - all are welcome!

Essential Oils and the Chakras: A Seven Week Course with Stephanie Gunning and Anna Brooke

Join us for a weekly 90 minute class beginning September 19th and ending November 2nd wherein we explore which essential oils are a good support for your emotional and physical wellbeing as viewed through the lens of each chakra. Every class is free and love donations are gladly accepted. Full details on my calendar!

Stay tuned for all Wu Tao NYC classes which will be announced soon!

Any questions, comments or RSVPs,

Wishing you a glorious start to autumn!