June is upon us!

What a sweet treat to have the month of June with us once again. This Memorial Day weekend was so fresh and relaxing, I feel I am floating right into this wonderful month!

Lots of wonderful things happening this month on my calendar. I am taking my work with essential oils to the next level and am loving working with them and talking about them and better yet, using them all the time! If you are curious and would love to learn more, I would be more than happy to speak with you! Please shoot me an email and let's set up a time to connect!

Brooklyn Breathwork is back this coming Sunday June 5th and I am so excited to dive deep into the limitless nature of life and our lives accordingly. There seems to be many indicators within my life and the lives of others that mirror this deep connection to the fact that everything is possible and I look forward to creating a space to explore this and holding the intention of discovery and expansion of consciousness for all in attendance!

My Wu Tao classes at Central Arts & Recording have been put on hold for the month while the studio completes some new construction. I look forward to returning in July with the brand new air conditioning unit to keep us cool and fresh! My Wu Tao and Zen Stretch classes continue at Cobra Club but please note the schedule as some regular dates will be missed!

Last but not least, I am beyond excited to return to the Lifestyle Lounge on Monday, June 20th. The night of a full moon, these evenings are incredible! if you are curious about finding new ways to tap into your highest good and deepest healing, please check it out! If you register before June 6th, you can take advantage of the early bird pricing and save some serious $! Use code ANNA to get an additional $10 off and be sure to bring a friend. These nights are so much fun!

Until my next post, here's to health and wellness, my friends!

My warmest and best,